My Family Fall 2011

My Family Fall 2011
Photo by Christina Brady

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today, I am thankful for friendship.  And, I am thankful that God didn't make us all alike... how boring would that be anyway?! 

Of course, I've had some friends come and go, but God has always crossed my path with the "right" friend at the "right" time.  Isn't that amazing?  And, I'm sure you can relate to this:  I have friends for different circumstances.  For instance, I know when I'm down, who I should call:  my friend who uplifts and encourages me.  When I feel motivated, I call the friend who typically needs uplifted.  When I need to share my Mom-of-the-Year moments and I need laughter, I know who to call.  But, when I need to shed some tears, I call the friend who will cry along with me.

I pray that I will learn from each of my close friends to become a faithful friend myself.  One close friend of mine often says, "You'll have many aquaintances, but few true friends."  I am eternally thankful for my true friends and I pray that I am a "true friend" to someone.  So, hug a friend today.  :)

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  1. You blog looks so cute!!! Great job. Hey and I made it to your blog too! Lover of PiX!!! Keep in touch