My Family Fall 2011

My Family Fall 2011
Photo by Christina Brady

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf

I told myself that when I quit my job and became a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) life would slow down and I would take the time to smell the roses.  There would be no more fretting over the little things and I would make the effort to connect on a more personal level with my family, individually.  I now can see that it requires a learned behavior, not merely opportunity, to change one's habits. 

I, by nature, am a type A personality.  To think of "wasting" precious time by participating in unplanned events causes me to perspire.  :)  Add to that 4 kiddos who are all about spur of the moment living and you get one chaotic household!  I can recognize the need to relax, but I just don't know how, lol!  It seems like I can't get caught up.  But, why do I worry so much about things that will perish???

My new goal; my goal over weight loss and healthier living is: to worry about "Kingdom" Issues.  I know part of life is doing the laboring things that wear us down, but that shouldn't be the center of our priorities.  I tend to be so goal-oriented that I overlook the precious moments when my children are seeking my love.  My priorities have not been set on building relationships and encouraging spiritual growth in my family.  I say they have, yet I am a slave to my chores and my schedule.  I worry so much about what kind of kids I am raising and what kind of adults they will one day become and forget that they are not grown and they ARE going to make mistakes, just as I do, on a daily basis.  I don't remember that they need to see the peace I have from God's gift of grace to where they desire the same peace in their hearts, and not see so much of their mom flippin out over the little stuff! :)  I have felt weighted down instead of uplifted by this amazing opportunity to influence our four beautiful children to grow into what God created them to be.

So, if you'd like to pray for me, please pray that I will remember what matters....... and let my life show it.